Hight quality services

In 1995, City Taxi was the first company to classify its vehicle pool into categories. As a result of this, now we can supply quality cars from a very wide selection taking into account the customer requirements, together with drivers with foreign language skills, air-conditioned cars and excellent physical appearance for the standard tariffs specified in the proposal.

Our colleagues take part in language courses and they can take an examination, due to it, more and more drivers possess foreign language skills.

New taxi drivers are accepted on the basis of a waiting list system. In each case, we select the drivers who have been employed by a taxi company for at least two years, possess at least basic-level foreign language skills and have successfully passed an exam in city orientation. A further requirement is that their history and personal data should all be suitable for verification.

Owing to its effective iternal regulations and a sufficient staff, City Taxi arrives at the relevant address fast and accurately. With regard to punctuality, our company has the most rigorous internal regulations among all the taxi companies. Compliance with this rule is inspected by our Complaint and Ethic Committee, consisting of five members and elected by the General Assembly, and 12 time checking inspectors working on the basis of random selections for 24 hours a day. During an inspection, the clothing worn by the driver, the cleanliness of the car and the general technical conditions are also checked.

Our clients maysubmit their comments related to our service to the Complaint and Ethic Committee using the following address and numbers:

City Taxi Fuvarszervező Szövetkezet Phone: +36 2-111-111
Complaint and Ethic Committee Fax: 280-1521
1119 Budapest, Vahot u. 6.  

The Complaint and Ethic Committee inspects all the complaints and comments received and provides information verbally or in writing, as requested by the client.

MSZ EN ISO 9001:2001 quality certificate

City Taxi was the first taxi company in 2003 who won the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2001 quality certificate.

City Taxi only accepts staff and colleagues who meet the personal and technical requirements specified by law, including also liability insurance. Apart from the compulsory requirements, many drivers also have a supplementary passenger insurance.

Strict internal control and the younger vehicle pool have also contributed a great deal to the current positon of our company, as a result of which we can offer a satisfactory and safe journey to our clients. The driving technique training, organised jointly with the Hungarian Automobile Club, is another unique initiative. In the framework of this training, drivers are prepared for unexpected traffic situations.

Only vehicles with spotless exterior and interior can be operated at City Taxi. The members of the Ethic Committee regularly check this requirement. In addition, we organise a vehicle insprection once a year, during which we thoroughly review the technical conditions of the vehicle pool.


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