We would like to inform City Taxi’s kind customers that during the time of the coronavirus – prepared for possible office closures – we operate our call center in home office mode and with limited staff. Please use our company’s smart phone app for taxi ordering, which can be downloaded from the Play Store (Android) or Apple Store (iOS) as City Taxi Budapest.

Yours sincerely,
City Taxi Management


City Taxi Fuvarszervező Szövetkezet

City Taxi Fuvarszervező Szövetkezet was established in 1982, as the first private taxi company. The objective of the company established then was to offer reliable services at fair prices. However, the market has proved that there is a need for excellent quality in passenger transportation too. Our company was the first to react to market demant in the 1990s and aimed at quality services in addition to the reliability of service. In order to achieve this goal, we continuously developed our vehicle pool, trained our drivers and developed very strict internal regulations.

The Co-operative is managed by a three-member Board of Directors, elected by the General Assembly and is led by the Chairman. The activities are controlled by a three-member Supervisory Board, which is also elected by the General Assembly. As a result of continuous development, by now the number of subcontractors has reached 825, while the Co-operative has more than 400. Since the members of the Co-operative own the company and the subcontractors also have an option to become co-operative members later, in accordance with the regulations of the Articles of Association, their commitment to quality services is guaranteed. This approach, which fundamentally differs from the approach adopted by the other taxi companies operating on the market, has enabled City Taxi to be the market leading taxi company in Budapest and become an attractive workplace for taxi drivers too.


Minden jog fenntartva @ 1983-2013